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Trick To Make 300$ Per Month From AdMob by Self Click Trick 2018

AdMob Self Click Trick 2018

Trick To Make 300$ Per Month From AdMob Self Click Trick 2018

AdMob Self Click Trick 2018: Hey! PocketNet readers, hope you are doing good. We are often asked by our users how to do self clicking on Admob Ads in their App to prevent suspension of Admob account.

admob self click trick 2018

In this tutorial we are going to show you how you can earn 300$ per month from AdMob by self clicking with only one Phone.

Self Clicking is a difficult task, if it is done in wrong way, it may result in suspension of your AdMob Account

But if we do it safely by taking care of some new facts of Self Clicking on your Ads. Don’t worry friends this is easy to do if you can care of some important factors.

By following this method your account is safe from getting suspended. We have posted two methods:

1. For Rooted Users

2. For Non-Rooted Users

#1: AdMob Self Click Trick 2018 For Rooted Users:

Friends if you have rooted Android phone, you can earn more money from AdMob without getting your account suspended.

Because with rooted phone you can easily change your mobile Id, so that Google couldn’t identify that you are using one Device. You Need To Change:

1. Android ID:

Android ID is given by Google to each and every phone running Android OS. This ID is used to collect data from a mobile users to show customized Ads for the user. This ID is generated on the first boot of the phone. This ID is unique to all devices

2. Google Advertiser ID:

You can get this ID in Google Settings of your android Phone. This ID is used to collect the data of ads showing on the Device.

These are the two things which you can change in rooted device after every click. To change these things, you will get a lot of Apps on internet which work on rooted devices.

3. IP Address:

Google also tracks your activity through your IP Address. This can be changed by just turning on Airplane Mode and then Turn off Airplane Mode

#2: AdMob Self Click Trick 2018 For Non-Rooted Users:

We have two methods for non-rooted users. By following these methods you can also earn much money from AdMob.

You have to take more care on your phone so that Adsense couldn’t detect any unusual activity on your device.

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Just like rooted users you can’t change android id, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t do self clicking. You can also do , buy you have to take more care, which i am going to teach you.

1. Advertiser Id:

Keep changing your Adveriser ID each and every click to remain safe. Change This id in offline mode. Google will reset it again if you do it online.

2. Disable Google Apps:

Disable all google apps on your android phone so that Google could not fetch any unusual activity on your device in any way. So you should disable all google Apps Like Google Chrome, Google Play Store etc.

While disabling Google Play Store, some device may need to remove admin rights of google play services in your phone settings to disable this App.

Also you have to clear data of recently used Apps

Keep CTR Below 7%

By taking care of these things you will earn good income from AdMob and also your account will remain safe from suspension.

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