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Earn Money From Any App by Replacing Ad Units of AdMob

Earn Money From AdMob

To Earn Money From Any App by Replacing Ad Units of AdMob Is Not Difficult At All! You  Just Need A Great Teacher!

Earn money from any app by replacing Ad units of AdMob is very simple. I researched a lot from internet how it can be done. But i got nothing from the whole internet. In many forums i got many methods but that methods where very difficult. These methods are very complex.

So what we say in the heading that  To Earn Money From Any App by Replacing Ad Units of AdMob Is Not Difficult At All! You  Just Need A Great Teacher! . It is very simple just read the article. You will be able to replace admob ad units. You can make tons of cash ? by doing this.

admon self clicking trick

There are many Apps in Play Store like mCent Browser, Fokatt Money and much more apps. You should have noticed that these apps give you paytm cash or Free recharge and also you will see there are a lot of ads. They earn money by ads. You can replace that ads with your own ads, so that you can earn money. Isn’t this awesome. You Just search for the App that uses AdMob and replace the Ads

In this example we are going to use the GST calculator App. Download it Here. Before we start you have to create AdMob Account and also have to create Ad Units.

How to Create AdMob Account:

1. First of all Goto AdMob website.

   Click Here

2. Then Click on Signup and choose your google account

Note: This will create new admob and adsense account. Users who have already an adsense account, should have to use the sam google account to create AdMob account

3. Now in the form fill the required details

4. Now Tick on I have read and agree to abide by the AdSense Terms & Conditions.

5. Then click on create AdMob account.

6. Now you will get following interface. Click Yes or No.

admob registration

7. After that Click Continue to AdMob

8. Done!!! You have created an AdMob Account

Now you have to create Ad Units, there are many ad types but for this example we only need banner ad

How to Create Ad Units in AdMob:

  • On the Dashboard of the AdMob you will see Apps option. Just click on it
  • Then Click Add Your App
  • Now it will show you Have you published your app on Google Play or the App Store?. Simply click No
  • Now enter the App Name anything. For example GST Calculator
  • Choose Platform as Android and then click Add App
  • Then click on Create Ad Unit
  • Now select Banner and then choose name for Ad Unit for example my banner Ad
  • Now click Create Ad Unit and then you will get 2 codes as shown below. Copy the second code and note down it and then click Done

Admob ad unit id

  • That’s it, you have created Ad Unit in AdMob.

Now Here comes our main part. Now we have to replace the Ad Units of the App. As i say above, in this example we are going to use GST Calculator.

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How to Replace or Change Ad Units in any App:

Apps Required: APK EDITOR PRO AND GST Calculator . After downloading, install these Apps. Then refer to steps below.

Step-1: Open the APK Editor you download ed Above

Step-2: Now click on Select Apk From App

Apk editor pro

Step-3: Then select GST Calculator App

Step-3: Then choose Full Edit ( Resource Rebuild

Step-4: Now Click on Files on th Bottom

Step-5: Here search for this ca-ap

Step-6: After search you will get the following result

AdMob earnings

Step-7: Click the Pencil Like icon


Step-8: Now again click search button and again search for the above word

Step-9: After searching you will get this

Step-10: Now replace the existing Ad Unit id with your own id that you created above.

Step-11: Click the icon as shown below and it will save your changes.

Save changes in apk editor pro

Step-12: Now go back and again go back and then you will see Build option in the top right corner.

Step-13: Wait for the process to complete and after process is finished click on install button.

Step-14: Now open the app you will see banner ads in the App

Step-15: Start sharing the App with your friends and you will earn money on every ad click.

You can do this with all apps that uses ads. Some apps are using interistial ads. So fir that you have to create interistial ad unit from AdMob

To check your earnings, Download Adsense App from Play Store.

Final words:

So this was the tutorial how to Earn Money From Any App by Replacing Ad Units of AdMob. Hope you liked this article. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends. Visit daily for more such articles.

If you face any problems or need any help. Don’t hesitate just comment below. We will help you

Still Don’t understand just email us and comment we will place ads in that app

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