AdSense: Fix Adsense Earnings At Risk

Fix Earnings at Risk in AdSense: Bloggers using Adsense on thier blog are facing this issue Earnings at risk – One or more of your ads.txt files doesn’t contain your AdSense publisher ID. Fix this now to avoid severe impact to your revenue.

fix adsense earnings at risk

 You also should be getting blank ads on your blog, it’s because of this error. So in this tutorial we are going to solve this error.

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To Get rid of this error. I have provided you two methods. One is for Blogspot or Blogger users and the second one is for WordPress users. After solving this error your website/blog will start showning Ads Again

How to Fix Earnings At Risk in AdSense

Method For Blogger Users:

1. First of All Login to your AdSense account.

2. Then Click on the Action Button as shown below

3. Now Copy this Code

4. Then Open your Blogger Dashboard

5. Now Goto Settings and then Search Preferences

6. Now under Monetization Section you will see custom ads.txt

7. Click on Yes and then paste the code you copied in Step3 in the box.

8. Then Click Save Changes and wait upto 24 Hours. Your blog will start showing Ads again.

This was the solution for Blogspot users and it’s time for WordPress. For WordPress users it is little bit different from Blogspot users. Don’t worry, i will show you step by step guide.

Method For WordPress Users

1. Firstly Login to your AdSense account

2. Now in the Red Bar you will see Action Button. Click on it

3. Then Copy this Code and then Open notepad

4. In notepad paste the code you copied above

5. Then Save the file as ads.txt

Note: It is neccasary to choose name as ads.txt

6. Now Login to cPanel of your Hosting and Goto file Managar

7. Now upload the ads.txt in your public _html folder.

8. That’s it!!! Now it will 24 hours to apply changes and then your site will start showing Ads

So this was the method to fix the earnings at risk in AdSense.Thanks! for Reading

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