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WhatsApp Trick: Lock WhatsApp Group Name

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WhatsApp Trick: Lock WhatsApp Group Name

Lock WhatsApp Group Name: Hey! Friends hope you are doing well.As you have noticed in WhatsApp, there is a big problem that whatsapp group admins face problems when someone changes their group name.This is very irritating in WhatsApp

All Whatsapp Group admins face problems, when somebody changes their group info like its name, icon.If you are one of them you also should be facing this problem getting angry when someone disturb your group by changing its Name, Icon and Description.

Me too was suffering from this problem. But Now it is time to say goodbye to whatsapp group name changers

lock whatsapp group name

Finally i found a trick to get rid of this problem. With this trick, only group admins can change group name, members would not be able to change group name,icon and description.

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Steps To Lock WhatsApp Group Name Changing:

1. First of All Download and Install WhatsApp GB


Note: This feature is now available on Official WhatsApp.Update it on Play Store

   Download WhatsApp GB

2. Now open WhatsApp GB and Now simple register on it

3. Then Select the Group and Click on Top of Group

lock whatsapp group name


4. Then you will see Group Settings option. Click on it

lock whatsapp group name

5. There you will get this option Edit Group Info . Click on It

lock whatsapp group name

6. Now change the setting from All Participants to Only Admins

7. Boom! That’s it?. Now nobody can change Group Name

When member of the group will try to change the group name , he will get this message “only admins can change group info”.

If you want to revert it back so that All participants can change group info, you simple have to revert changes that we made in Step 6.

Final Conclusion:

This was trick to lock WhastsApp Group Name.I hope you have got the solution for your problem.

Comment below how are you feeling after doing after you have lock whatsapp group name

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